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The new batch of NES games for Switch come with another surprise

Meta Ridley.

A new batch of NES titles came today to the Switch's Online Service - as expected - and they've brought with them a couple of cute surprises.

The games added to the library today for subscribers to the Switch's Online Service are Adventures of Lolo, Ninja Gaiden and Wario's Woods - a fair selection - and they're joined by special editions of existing games, with Dr. Mario and Metroid both getting the SP treatment.

The SP version of Dr. Mario drops you in at level 20 at Hi speed, allowing you to access a scene that's supposedly rarely been seen. Metroid, meanwhile, has an SP version that grants you all of its star Samus' abilities, and places you just before the fight with Ridley that happens towards the end of the game.

Dr. Mario and Metroid join the likes of Zelda and Gradius in getting SP versions, which tend to blunt the edges of these older games and allow players to access features and areas they might not have previously been able to. They now seem to be part of the regular update cycle for Nintendo's service - so what could be next to receive the SP treatment?

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