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The Logitech G815 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is at its lowest-ever price.

Amazon's Prime Early Access sale springs out a half price discount.

We're getting late into day two of the Prime Early Access sale, which is the unofficial sequel to July's Amazon Prime day, and the deals keep on coming.

We've seen discounts of over 50 per cent on laptops, SSDs, headsets, mice, and more, and now we've spotted another over half price reduction on a gaming keyboard that you'll never have to take off your desk.

Logitech makes some fantastic gaming gear, like the G Pro X headset I've already written about, and that includes keyboards like the G815 which right now is at its lowest ever price for Prime members.

Logitech G815 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - £89 (was £180)

Full-sized and super thing with low profile GL tactile switches.

If you're not a Prime member already you can get a 30 day free trial of the service to get this deal before the sale ends, as well as free next day delivery, Prime video, Prime gaming and more perks. This deal is also available in the US for Prime members who can get the G815 for $140, a discount of $60.

The G815 is a full-size keyboard, so you'll get all the function keys, arrow keys, and number pad as expected. You'll also see five programmable G-keys, three on-board profile keys, a scroll bar, and media keys, so you'll be able to control everything on your PC without needing to alt-tab all the time.

The G815 comes with tactile switches, which are between the faster linear switches and louder clicky switches, so they're perfect for gaming and typing.

The keyboard has an alloy top plate to reinforce the ultra-thin and lightweight design, and also compliments the fully customisable lightsync RGB keys.

The G815 is a great option to be your daily-driver keyboard, and it's at its lowest-ever price but for only a few more hours so don't wait too long to upgrade your desk set-up.

We've got plenty of other Early Access deals to show you, and you can see the best of them on our Prime Early Access gaming deals page. You can also follow the Jelly Deals Twitter where we'll be tweeting out the best deals as the sales event comes to an end.

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