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The latest Marvel's Avengers patch aims to stabilise the game on PC

"Please keep your feedback coming, and we will be releasing further patches as fixes are found."

Square Enix has taken data collected "after Early Access" to push out a new Steam patch in an attempt to address the stability issues plaguing Marvel's Avengers on PC.

"We have just released our first patch for Marvel's Avengers, build 12.9," explains an update on the game's Steam page. "This patch is primarily focused on stability, based on the data we have collected after Early Access started a few days ago.

"We are aware of a number of other issues that are causing problems for some of our players, and teams are hard at work addressing those, but for now we want to make sure we get these stability improvements that have already been identified to all of you," the post adds. "Please keep your feedback coming, and we will be releasing further patches as fixes are found."

Fixes in patch V1.0 Build 12.9 include a "work-around" to address issues with the NVIDIA 10-series driver that was causing crashes, a DEVICE_HUNG crash some players ran into in the sewers, and a bug that prevented some from throwing rocks as Hulk or shooting as Iron Man.

The patch also enables Steam Cloud to "allow you to easily synchronise your save-games between multiple PCs".

Marvel's Avengers post-launch DLC characters each have their own $10 battle pass. In a lengthy and complex post in which Square Enix details how the game manages gear and cosmetics, the $10 passes - called Hero Challenge Cards - "allow players to earn Resources, Units, Credits, and Cosmetics for completing in-game challenges".

The premium Hero Challenge Card rewards have already been unlocked for the six starting heroes, something Square Enix says "prevent[s] content gating and guarantee that you and your friends can experience these exciting additions together". However, to unlock all rewards for any new heroes introduced post-launch, players will have to unlock premium rewards for each one separately with 1,000 in-game credits.

Marvel's Avengers will add Hawkeye herself, Kate Bishop, to its growing roster of heroes in October. Bishop's story missions will also introduce Clint Barton, who will then become playable in November. Both characters are, of course, also known as Hawkeye.

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