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The Last of Us Part 1 New Game Plus, It can't be for nothing Platinum Trophy

Everything you need to know about playing with The Last of Us Part 1's take on the New Game Plus system.

Once you've played all the way through The Last of Us Part 1's campaign, you can start the game all over again in New Game Plus mode.

Unlike most games with this feature, the new playthrough isn't necessarily more difficult - you simply play through the story on the same difficulty setting as you just finished. So what's different, and why should you play The Last Of Us Part 1 again?

Here's what you need to know about New Game Plus mode.

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New Game Plus

The main reason to play through the game at least once more is if you want to unlock all of the game's trophies. It Can't Have Been For Nothing, for example, is only triggered when you've found all of the collectibles in the game - and you likely won't find enough of these items in a single playthrough.

Playing the game once more also means you get to use some of the meatier weapons earlier on - and that might make some of the trickier sections a little more fun to take on again. You also retain any weapon upgrades you've invested in too, as well as your Tool level. If you missed any of these on your first playthrough, you'll be able to grab the ones you're missing, and ultimately unlock the Sharpest Tool In the Shed trophy once you find all five.

Phew. All done? If you have a PS4, then you can get started with the sequel thanks to our The Last of Us Part 2 walkthrough.

Head over to our The Last Of Us Part 1 Walkthrough hub for more help with the rest of the game. You'll even find handy guides on tracking down the game's many collectibles.

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