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The Last of Us Part 1 Bus Depot walkthrough

Everything you need to know to successfully survive the Clicker encounters in the penultimate chapter of The Last of Us Part 1.

This The Last Of Us Part 1 chapter brings us back to Joel, who has reovered from his injuries. It starts off on a derelict stretch of highway, with Ellie being uncharacteristically quiet.

The Bus Depot section of The Last Of Us Part 1 is a short one, but one with some tricky enemies, and some great story moments.

The end of the game's not far off now, but there are still some nasty encounters to finish before you get there. Here's how to deal with every last Clicker, Runner and Bloater in the Bus Depot section of The Last of Us Part 1.

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Highway Exit

Not far now until the end of the core game! Have a chat with Ellie when you're prompted to do so, then start walking down the highway. When you reach the end, drop down and carry on into the Depot on your left. Talk to Ellie once more when you get to the bottom of the stairs.

Now, grab any supplies you can find nearby, then make your way to the ladder over on the right. Give Ellie a leg-up to it, then climb the ladder and keep following her. When you've finished admiring the view here, head towards the door over on your left.

Go downstairs and take a Comic Book for your collection from the bathroom on your right. Now follow Ellie to the outside world, grabbing anything you need from the tents as you go. Make your way to the bus, then go inside the tunnel on your left.

Underground Tunnel

Scramble over all the vehicles here, but watch out for Runners, Clickers and Bloaters. If you're running low on anything, check the side rooms for supplies. Try to take out the Clickers and Runners without making a peep - if you manage it, you can sneak past the Bloaters without engaging them in combat. Just make your way to the trailer, and give Ellie a leg-up so she can drop a crate down for you.

Make your way towards the fire engine, then jump down into the water and swim beneath the truck. Climb up when you reach the other side, then take the ladder and give it to Ellie. While you're here, don't forget to grab the Comic Book for your collection - it's at the end of one of the air ducts to your right. Now drop down into the water again and swim to the locked door.

Before boosting Ellie, get your best weapon handy and be ready for the Clicker ambush. Kill the creature, then go through the door and look to your right. Open the door to get more supplies. Now leave the room and head straight forwards.

Drop into the water, then dive to your right until you come to an underwater door. Swim all the way through it and then come up for air. Keep going forwards through the pipes, then get up onto the walkway. There's a pallet up here that you can knock down for Ellie. Get back in the drink, then use the pallet to help Ellie cross. When you're done, she'll drop a ladder down for you.

When the ladder breaks, take it over to the other side. Climb up it, grab it, then take it to the end of the walkway. Now drop it down so you can use it as a bridge. Head upstairs to meet up with Ellie once more, then pass over the water using the platforms. Keep going until you get a nasty surprise...

Underwater escape

Get your Triangle button finger ready, grab the bar, and then keep on climbing until it breaks. Again, Triangle will open the door after Ellie rescues you. The bus will fall over after you reach it, so swim out and towards Ellie as quickly as possible. Once you reach her, you'll automatically grab hold of her. Now just keep swimming forwards.

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