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The Last of Us gets a new free multiplayer mode

Gather intel from foes, then loot their lockbox in Interrogation.

The Last of Us will be getting an all new free multiplayer mode called Interrogation in the game's upcoming patch 1.03.

In this mode you must pull off five special "interrogate" executions where you gather intel from your soon-to-be-dead foes. Your team must pull of a cumulative five interrogations for the location of the opposing team's hidden lockbox to show up. At this point, it becomes a game of defense when the team with the compromised loot must keep their booty safe. If they're good, they'll even be able to interrogate enough soldiers of their own to even the odds until both teams are on the defense - almost like capture the flag, only you don't need to bring the captured loot back.

It should be noted that interrogations take longer than ordinary executions and you can be interrupted during them at any time, causing your source to die before uttering their last, helpful breath. Based on the video below, it looks like you can take damage during them, but can't actually be killed mid-animation - just drained to the tiniest sliver of life.

Other improvements in the new patch include increasing the revive range a tad, adjusting the appearance of item caches, allowing players to be damaged during executions, and tweaking the matchmaking.

The update does not yet have a release date.

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