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The Eurogamer Podcast #13: Ironman Bratt

And a bit about some games that aren't XCOM 2.

Listen, Chris Bratt has found another way to talk about XCOM 2. He's just completed the game on Ironman mode, which means that the game saves pretty much constantly and any mistakes are locked in good and tight. He wants to talk about it and so do I. Welcome to another edition of the Eurogamer Podcast!

We do cover a few other things, of course. I talk about Twofold, Inc and Abzu, which my daughter is currently playing in an amusing manner - amusing to me at least! - and we inevitably segue into a reverie about Invisible, Inc, one of the greatest tactical games ever made. What else? Oh yes, we watched Bertie play For Honor, and we have some thoughts on that and one of the magnificent people who helped make it. The one who looks like a cross between Jeff Bridges and Satan.

Hope you enjoy! Also, we're planning to take the podcast weekly after this. I'm typing this here so that we have to do it. Or at least try. Love to all!

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