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The Eurogamer Podcast continues with a shining star of writing and narrative design

Meet Meghna Jayanth.

Just over two weeks have passed since we launched our supporter programme on Eurogamer, which means it's time for another podcast especially for you (words I will never stop hearing to Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue's 1989 pop song tune).

In Episode 2 of the Eurogamer Podcast, I'm joined by someone I think of as a shining star of video game writing and narrative design. She is someone who broke into the scene after collaborating with Inkle on the acclaimed narrative adventure 80 Days, a game that unpicks and reinterprets the famous novel by Jules Verne, for the better. It would be nominated for a Best Story BAFTA and eventually win my guest a UK Writers' Guild Award.

Since then, she's gone from strength to strength, working on renowned projects such as Sunless Sea, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Boyfriend Dungeon, Falcon Age and, more recently - in fact very recently - open-world adventure Sable. She is - drumroll - Meghna Jayanth, and this, in roughly an hour, is her life.

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