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The EGTV Show - Episode 7

World of Warcraft: The Truth.

Tabloids will shriek with knee-jerk indignation at the release of Jack Thompson-bating fare like Manhunt 2; but the sinister, surreptitious mind-control peddled by MMO creators is shamefully waved on with tacit approval by a media blinded to the massive threat to humanity this subtly destructive genre represents.

Compelled through moral obligation and carried forth on the flying mount of justice, Eurogamer TV has spent the last month risking life, limb and temporal lobes to uncover the unsettling motives driving forward the general of this silent army of cognitive devastation: World of Warcraft.

Deep undercover and with unprecedented access to the architects of this inexorably expanding empire of evil, EGTV has produced evidence which seems to suggest that, unless radical preventative legislation is introduced without further delay, Warcraft will become the cigarette of the 21st century, its most deadly properties understood too late for the many millions already doomed through addiction.

Meanwhile, as Burning Crusade drags more unsuspecting gamers into its tangled web of vice, EGTV speaks to those most affected by their dependency, as the show asks: how has WoW altered their lives; is it absolutely necessary to wear a witch’s hat when you go shopping; and, crucially: can anyone be saved?

The answer promptly shines forth, a rare beacon of hope, as a former WoW junkie (who, without the shroud of anonymity, would be well known to Eurogamer readers...) recounts his emotional voyage from the depths of Level 60 despair, to recovery.

The time for action is now. Which, coincidentally, is also when you can watch Episode 7 of The Eurogamer TV Show.

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