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The best video game trailer you'll see this week is about brake pads

And an extended new look at Gran Turismo 7.

There are game trailers, and then there are Polyphony Digital game trailers - overblown, melodramatic and frequently marvelous, the one that's just dropped to announce a new partnership with Brembo might well be a new favourite.

It offers a brilliantly moody monochrome look within the factories of Italian brake manufacturer Brembo - a place I'd thought might have been fairly mundane, but the tense Hollywood soundtrack and loving shots of all that machinery have convinced me otherwise. By the time those pads had been bolted onto a GT3 Audi R8 I'll admit I was on the edge of my seat.

There's plenty more new Gran Turismo 7 footage in the trailer too, showing what's sure to be a spectacular looking game. The recently announced partnership with Brembo extends to Gran Turismo's braking systems, apparently, and also ties neatly in with the return of more granular car customisation in next year's PlayStation exclusive, which will grant players the ability to swap out parts as they modify their cars.

We got the chance to have a chat with series creator Kazunori Yamauchi recently to talk through what to expect when Gran Turismo 7 launches next March.

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