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Tetris 99's first tournament has an enticing Nintendo Point prize pool

Block party.

Nintendo Switch exclusive Tetris 99 has announced its first in-game tournament, with 999 prizes of 999 My Nintendo Gold Points up for grabs in Europe.

Every Gold Point is worth a penny on the Nintendo Switch eShop, meaning individual prizes will be worth about a tenner, with around £10k in the overall prize pool.

How do you win? Simply play Tetris 99 from 1pm on 8th March until 7am on 11th March (UK times) and try and place first.

In Europe, the 999 prizes will be doled out at random to those who've recorded a win (and if 999 or fewer people win, everyone gets a prize). This is different to the US version of the tournament, where the 999 players with the most wins will be rewarded.

Tetris 99 is a kind of puzzle game battle royale, where you play Tetris against 98 others and attempt to screw them over in order to be the last one standing. It's brilliant, and has hooked several of us here in the office.

Wes has played a lot of it, and recently wrote about how Tetris 99 hides several of its deeper systems - leading to real sense of achievement when you figure everything out and actually get good.

All this, in a week where my fiancé has won Tetris 99 twice, while I can't get higher than second. It's fine!

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