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Tesco stops doling out free 360s

Revises loophole in refund policy.

It seems Tesco is looking to cover up the weak underbelly of its returns and refunds policy by stopping the initiative altogether, which will become effective from 26th February.

Previously, if you found a discrepancy between the shelf price and the actual amount that appeared at the checkout when you paid for an item, you would receive the product for free.

Naturally this left a gaping hole open for exploitation, and soon even Xbox 360s were being given away for nothing after an eagle-eyed customer found a paltry GBP 2.16 difference.

We tried numerous times to contact Tesco to find out exactly how many consoles it had given away, but it seems the supermarket overlord has trouble working a telephone and was unable to comment.

It would, of course, be wrong of us to point out that the policy isn't being strangled to death until the 26th, as you would probably pop to your local Tesco to try your luck.

So, we're just off to the, er, shops.

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