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Terraria XBLA live stream from 5pm GMT

Ian keeps digging. Join him for a slightly "less noobish" look at Re-Logic's game, released today.

Terraria completes its leap from PC to consoles today with the launch of the long-awaited PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade version of the game. A simple 2D game of digging and building, it starts off bewildering and even by the time you're thoroughly in love with it you find it remains surprising, giving you that same sense of discovery and ownership dozens of hours later.

Chris Donlan reviewed the game earlier and had nothing but good things to say about it. "This isn't a game or even a toy," he wrote. "At heart, it's a vocation."

Our YouTube Editor Ian Higton's been playing it, too, grinding away in pursuit of greater understanding (and greater loot). Last week he put on a live performance as he began playing it and for those of you starting today he's also unearthed Easter Eggs and hidden Achievements in the tutorial level.

Tonight, though, he's doing another live session from 5pm to 6.30pm GMT. "During the first stream I was a beginner. Now I kind of know what I'm doing and have explored loads of the world," he told me earlier. "I'll be less noobish this time around." You can be the judge of that from 5pm GMT, right here.

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