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Telltale: Lost most requested adaptation

Hitchiker's is popular, too.

Episodic adventure maker Telltale Games has revealed that what fans want most is an adaptation of television's Lost.

Not to be confused with Ubisoft's not-rubbish Lost game of early 2008, of course.

"You know it's funny, because I have a survey with the actual requests on it, or the actual things that people that we surveyed said they would like to see. If I can recall correctly, Lost was number one," Telltale boss Dan Connors told Joystiq.

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was number two or maybe number three. And I know that Dexter was in there somewhere. And of course the LucasArts stuff was in there as well."

Telltale recently remade treasured videogame IP Monkey Island into an episodic adventure. It went down well.

But Telltale's most iconic series is Sam & Max, and the dog and rabbit crime-busting duo are back for another set of adventures in The Devil's Playhouse - the first episode of which, The Penal Zone, is available on PC now.

This also marks Telltale's first foray onto PS3 (PSN). Connors, in an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle this time, said the series' arrival on Sony hardware will look and feel like it has "gone up another level". There are even real-time shadows stuffed in there - amazing!

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