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Telltale confirms Walking Dead game

Also working on Fables comic tie-in.

As rumoured last month, Telltale Games has confirmed it's working on a series of games based on The Walking Dead comic and TV series.

All Things Digital reported that the studio has signed an exclusive worldwide agreement to develop and publish a series of videogames based on the hit zombie TV show.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, it started life as a series of comic books following a rag-tag group of survivors trying to stay alive in a zombie apocalypse. The Shawshank Redemption director Frank Darabont recently turned it into a hit TV series, shown on AMC in the US and FX in the UK.

Telltale also announced it was working on a videogame adaptation of Vertigo's Fables comic book series which chronicles how a number of figures from famous fairytales get on when they find themselves in 21st-century New York City.

There's no mention yet of which platforms the games are destined for, when they might arrive or how they'll play.

The article did reveal one other interesting tidbit though. According to marketing exec Steve Allison, the average Telltale game sells around 200,000 units, but the company only needs to sell 100,000 to break even.

The studio's goal is to have a title break the one million mark, with Allison speculating The Walking Dead games could be a $20 million to 30 million franchise.

Telltale's last release was its take on the Back to the Future series. The first episode launched late last year on PC, winning 7/10 from Eurogamer's Christian Donlan. A PlayStation 3 version followed soon after, with an iOS port expected later this year.

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