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Techland's Dead Island resurrected

Zombies. Action. Melee. Co-op. RPG.

Dead Island, a zombie survival game by Call of Juarez studio Techland, is back on the map.

Publisher Deep Silver has slapped a late 2011 release date on its bloodied, murderous back.

Dead Island takes place on an island. It's got dead things in.

What Techland hopes will set Dead Island apart is "a heavy focus" on melee fighting - lopping zombie's arms off with sharp objects and staving their rotten faces in with blunt objects. Guns exist, but ammo is scarce.

The game's also got RPG guts - character classes, skill development and weapon customisation - and there's co-op for up to four people.

Dead Island was revealed way back in 2007, and despite Techland announcing that everything was well and good in 2009, it had been easy to assume the worst. Maybe Techland was waiting for Left 4 Dead and L4D2 to come and go.

Techland recently delivered over the top off-road racing game Nail'd, which was "almost tailor-made for a weekend rental", the Eurogamer Nail'd review declared.

Techland has also signed a deal with Ubisoft to create a third Call of Juarez game subtitled The Cartel. Unlike the other Wild West-based instalments, The Cartel will fast forward to present day America, spanning both California and Mexico.

Dead set on ruining your holiday.

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Dead Island

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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