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Team Fortress 2 given wave-based co-op Mann vs. Machine mode

Fight hordes of robots with five friends.

Valve's revealed a new wave-based co-op mode for long-standing and free-to-play multiplayer cartoon shooter Team Fortress 2.

The new mode's called Mann vs. Machine, and sees you plus five friends (six, total) battle waves of robots intent on bombing Mann Co. strongholds. It'll be available to play from tomorrow, 15th August.

The robots are themed around the game's classes, and there are eight normal types. But there are also bomb carriers, three kinds of Giant, Sentry busters and one "???" mystery enemy that leaves huge tyre tracks.

Between waves you can upgrade your abilities and weapons. And if you survive the horde "in any of a variety of missions", there's "incredible loot" as a reward.

Valve produced a typically stylish video to announce this, and we've posted it below.

Man, Mann!

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