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SWTOR creative director Daniel Erickson leaves BioWare Austin

Will he wind up at Bethesda's new Austin-based studio Battlecry?

Daniel Erickson, creative director of Star Wars: The Old Republic, appears to have packed his bags and left BioWare Austin.

The source for all of this is Twitter, where the first post of a newly created Daniel Erickson account announced: "As part of leaving BioWare I'm officially starting a twitter account for job hunt and design thoughts."

Easily as handsome as Han Solo.

But is it definitely him? It's worth questioning, but there is supporting evidence.

Daniel Erickson's profile on LinkedIn states he is "actively looking for new opportunities", even though his current position is "lead designer (creative director) at BioWare Austin".

Also, were it a hoax, I'd have expected someone to have debunked it by now.

Assuming it's true, what will Erickson do next? Coincidence alert: Erickson has a recommendation on LinkedIn from Rich Vogel, former executive producer of SWTOR. Vogel was named as leader of Bethesda's new Austin-based Battlecry studio overnight, and is now building a team. Will Erickson join Vogel at Battlecry?

The Daniel Erickson Twitter account has posted twice more.

"When 90 per cent of the industry is saying the exact same thing (social, mobile, FTP!) a huge number of people are going to lose that race."

"Job hunt thought: If you think a monetisation approach is the same thing as a game idea I don't know why we're talking."

A monetisation approach? What, like the "Monetisation Designer" role at Battlecry?

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