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Switch is getting a Nintendogs + Cats spiritual successor

I'm really feline it!

Tired of real pets chewing your favourite thong and pooping on your carpet? Bereft at Nintendo's ongoing failure to bring its beloved Nintendogs + Cats to Switch? Well then, you just might be interested in developer Imagineer's upcoming, and distinctly similar, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats, as its name very heavily implies, grants players access to a variety of furry critters, both of the canine and feline persuasion. And once you've picked your preferred cutie, you can pet it, play with it, and dress it in absurd outfits to your heart's content.

Dogs & Cats, which launched in Japan at the tail-end of last year (no pun intended), features six breeds of puppy - including Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, and French Bulldog - and three types of kitten. You can have any combination of three pets out in your stylishly minimalist (but customisable) virtual apartment at one time, and can keep up to 12 in the hotel.

There are various pet-based activities, with dog-walking and aggressive frisbee tossing showcased in the trailer, and a selection of toys to keep your furry friends amused. Imagineer also promises over 600 "stylish" accessories for dress-up purposes, although I'm not sure I'd personally head out the house with a lifebuoy around my midrift if I was trying to look stylish.

There's no fixed release date yet for Little Friends: Dogs & Cats, but it's due to arrive in Europe and North America this "spring".

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