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Suzuki wants Shenmue Town on iPhone

Dream cast.

The Shenmue Town mobile game may yet see an Android and iOS release, creator Yu Suzuki has revealed.

"From the start, I've been thinking of this as a multiplatform game. So I'm thinking about smartphone strategies right now," Suzuki told Gamasutra.

Android and iOS were hinted at, according to the report, and "the experience definitely needs to be customised for the smartphone".

Suzuki makes no mention of the game heading West, although that's where the greatest iOS market is.

Shenmue Town (not Shenmue City as that translation describes the game as "too large") was a Yahoo mobile release in Japan. Players take on the role of a Yokosuka townsperson and can fight each other using Kung Fu, weapons or magic, and later travel to Hong K

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