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Survival sim Sheltered due next week

It's just a shot away.

Sheltered, a post-apocalyptic management sim about a family in a fallout shelter, is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux on 15th March, publisher Team17 has announced.

Developed by the two-person team at Unicube after raising £30,148 on Kickstarter, Sheltered tasks players with managing the well being of a family of four. Should anyone die, they'll stay down for the count as death is permanent in this dismal landscape.

Sheltered allows players to personalise their family be deciding the gender, name and look of each member, as well as what type of pet they'd like (dog, cat, fish, snake, or horse). From there they'll have to set up a home, protect from outside influences and environmental hazards, and occasionally roam the wasteland for supplies. Maybe you'll even bring survivors back home with you. But is that necessarily a good idea?

The game will contain a lot of typical RPG systems like crafting and turn-based combat, as well as various stats for each of your survivors.

Sheltered is already available in Steam Early Access and Xbox One preview programme for £9.99 / €12.99 / $14.99 and the price isn't going to change upon its official launch.

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PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac

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