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Surreal open-world horror game Grave is coming to Xbox One

Currently on Kickstarter, where it has a free demo.

Indie developer Broken Window Studios is bringing its upcoming first-person open-world survival horror game Grave to Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux, with Oculus Rift support tossed in as well. Currently, it's looking for funding on Kickstarter.

Like Alan Wake before it, Grave's enemies are vulnerable to light, so you'll have to use your flashlights, flashbangs, and the good old gasoline and match combo to ward off nocturnal creatures. Unlike Alan Wake, Grave is set in an expansive desert that you can explore. During the day, you'll probably want to scavenge for supplies and possibly build a base. But at night, things get hairy with all these spooky monsters gallivanting about.

Intriguingly, the world around you rearranges itself Dark City-style every night. This will give it a roguelike feel, but there will also be a storyline with multiple acts and characters.

While the randomly generated nature of Grave might suggest a barren wasteland, Broken Window is adamant that environments will have a surrealist edge to them, which will be aided by their irrationally morphing nature. "The world features an expansive wasteland with pockets of strange regions, artifacts and misplaced objects," the developer explained. "The landscape is defined by a desert, but many types of locations can materialise within it as the game progresses and as the days pass. Oasis-like pockets contain pieces from distant lands; chunks of cities, forests or wild west towns. These locations are like ripples in time, defying logic and placement."

If you want to get a sense of how Grave is shaping up, there's already a playable demo of a pre-Kickstarter build available on the developer's IndieDB page.

Pledge $5, however, and you'll receive a different backer-exclusive demo when the campaign ends. Make it $15 and you'll also get a copy of Grave upon its estimated January 2015 launch.

So far Grave has raised $11,828 towards its $30K goal with 11 days to go before its 27th April deadline.

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