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Super Mario Odyssey's photo mode will let you send screenshots to your smartphone

Freeze time, adjust your angle, and apply filters.

Super Mario Odyssey is going to have its own in-game photo mode and it sure looks impressive.

Snapshot mode can be used to create very striking images that you'd never know were from a Mario game.

As revealed during Nintendo's livestream earlier today, this feature, entitled Snapshot Mode, allows you to freeze time and move the camera anywhere you'd like. From there, you can implement Instagram-esque filters on your photo or change the dimensions to portrait mode and send them to your mobile.

That's not the only nifty feature Nintendo unveiled of Mario's next major adventure. Nintendo also revealed a system in which you can use in-game currency to buy hints. Alternatively, you could use real currency to buy an amiibo in the physical world and then use that figurine to get a hint. Or simply ignore hints all together. It's up to you.

Additionally, the Super Mario Odyssey presentation teased a series of mini-games like on-foot races, jumping rope, or controlling RC cars around a track. Each of these activities will have its own online leaderboards so you can asynchronously compete with your friends.

Beyond that, the stream revealed a lot of the game's whimsical aesthetic with various locales ranging from sunny beaches to snowy mountains to a place that looks like The Nightmare Before Christmas' Halloween Town applied through the filter of a litter-free Tokyo.

Nintendo will release a trio of Super Mario Odyssey amiibo to coincide with the game's 27th October launch. These figurines include wedding variations of Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser. Mario's amiibo make him invincible for a short period, Peach's grants players a life-up heart, and Bowser's will reveal the locations of nearby coins.

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