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Super Mario Odyssey Purple Bowser Token locations - how to find Purple Bowser Tokens in Super Mario Odyssey

How to unlock all Purple Bowser Tokens in Bowser's Kingdom.

Purple Bowser Tokens are one of many varients on the Purple Coin collectibles you'll find dotted around the world in Super Mario Odyssey.

Our Purple Bowser Token Locations guide here on this page will take you through how and where to find them in Boswer's Kingdom, providing specific locations for tricky ones and general tips and tricks for hunting down the rest.

For locations on all the other varients, head back to our Super Mario Odyssey Purple Coin locations hub, or you can cycle back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough for complete details on every step of your adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey Purple Bowser Token locations - how to find Purple Bowser Tokens

  • Kingdom: Bowser's Kingdom
  • Total Coins: 100

The penultimate large kingdom in the game (and the final one in terms of the story objectives), the realm of Bowser's Kingdom is similar to the Luncheon Kingdom in that its a vast level with lots of intricate sections involving high ledge, hidden alcoves and distant platforms. With that in mind, plenty of coins in this region are missable. The Regional Coins of the Bowser's Kingdom are shaped like plates with Bowser logos on them.

Pokio's are also going to be very useful for collecting coins, as they're vital to progressing through certain parts of the kingdom. We also advise you collect these coins after finishing the story, as the map changes slightly to accommodate what happens in the story.

Start by going through the shortcut Warp Pipe, from where you pop out, follow the roof around and drop down the gold rings to collect three coins at the bottom, located on a raised platform. From the Inner Wall checkpoint, possess the nearby Pokio and start poking and flicking your way up the moving wall. From the Beneath the Keep checkpoint, you'll find three hidden coins beneath the bridge.

To reach them, possess the Lakitu on the right-hand side of this raised area, then float under the bridge to claim them. Ride the Lakitu over to the platform with the slingshot, then use it fling yourself onto the archway above the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. There are three coins up here to collect.

From here, you can also ride the Spark pylon towards the boss area where you fought the Mecha Broodal. Turn right and you'll find three Regional Coins on the rooftop here. From the Showdown Arena checkpoint (which you'll have to reach then activate post-story as its not activated as part of the Mecha Broodal boss fight.

This platform has lots of dancing poles with flags on them. You'll find three coins on one of the poles on the right-hand side. Jump carefully to reach them, shimmy up, then use your handstand jump to leap back onto the platform.

Back at the Beneath the Keep checkpoint, head back towards the ledge that leads down to the Inner Wall checkpoint. Turn right and follow the roof around. Look over the edge, to see some gold coins. Jump down, then jump down the side with the revolving wheels and grab the three coins on this wall (you can slide down the wall to slow and direct your descent).

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There are also three coins above this swamp area - there's also lots of Spinies and a Pokio here. Use Pokio to deal with the horde of Spinies, then collect your three coins in relative peace. To do this, run along the narrow wall beside them and use Cappy.

From the Outer Wall checkpoint, posses a Pokio down in the lower level beside the checkpoint, then drop and poke down the wall beside this platform to collect three cheekily hidden coins. Head back up and pass the block smashing enemy.

Poke and flick up to the wall, and flick over to the left-hand wheel. There are three coins inside this wheel. Flick to the right-hand side to find four coins around the moving part of the this wheel.

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