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Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moons - where to find Snow Kingdom Moons

Where to find the main set of Snow Kingdom Power Moons.

Snow Kingdom Power Moons are what you'll find on this page, where we detail each Snow Kingdom Power Moon and its location in the region with accompanying screens for extra clarity.

This is where to find Snow Kingdom Moons then, but for other regions you can cycle back to our Power Moon locations guide hub, or our main Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough hub for much more.

On this page:

Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moons 1 to 10

There are 36 Power Moons to find until you reach the end-game, with one involving Peach and then some more.

1. The Icicle Barrier

The reach this Moon, you'll need to traverse the slippery, Goomba filled Icicle Cavern. Use a Goomba to travel without slipping, avoiding falling stalactites. Use this method to free the giant stalactite at the top of the area to access the Moon.

2. The Ice Wall Barrier

Collect the five Moon Shards in this area, while avoiding the statue monsters that rise from the ground to snap you. Use these monsters to reach higher platforms to the far left of the cavern and collect the full Power Moon at the top.

3. The Gusty Barrier

Avoid and possess the Ty-foos in this area to open new pathways and clea away pesky spinies. Use the end Ty-foo to blow all the Spinies on the final platform into the purple gloop to reveal the Moon behind them.

4. The Snowy Mountain Barrier

To get this single Moon, defeat the Tall Broodal on top of the Snowy Mountain. Avoid his two razor hats, hitting one with Cappy and using it as a jump pad to land on his head. Repeat twice more to claim the Moon.

5. The Bound Bowl Grand Prix

Enter the Snowline Circuit and go through the far left doorway. Go up the platforms, turn left and posses the Shiverian. Roll back to the main room and start the race. Come first and this Multi Moon is yours.

6. Entrance to Shiveria

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, jump down the well, turn around and jump onto the boxes behind you to reach the Moon.

7. Behind Snowy Mountain

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, jump down the well, and enter the second door on your left at the end of the corridor (Snowy Mountain). After passing up one air vortex, using a flower jump pad and another vortex, run towards the next wall and through. Follow the path to reveal a Moon.

8. Shining in the Snow in Town

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, jump down the well, run down the corridor and climb the pole to your right. Jump across the three poles then clear the snow drift. In the corner, Ground Pound to reveal your Moon.

9. Atop a Blustery Arch

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, drop down the well and enter the first doorway on teh left (Wind-Chill Cavern). Possess the third Ty-Foo, return to the block you had to blow out of the way with the second Ty-Foo and blow it back. Climb to the top of the archway and Ground Pound to reveal a Moon.

10. Caught Hopping in the Snow!

From the Odyssey, drop down to the edge of the frozen shore. Chase the rabbit, hit it with Cappy and run into it to free a Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moons 11 to 20

11. The Shiverian Treasure Chest

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, jump down the well, climb the pole to your right, then the three poles to reach the other side, run up the ramp and hit the chest to get the Moon.

12. Treasure in the Ice Wall

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, jump down the well and enter the top right doorway (Hollow Crevasse). Just before the platform with the main Moon for this challenge, use the statue monster to grab the ledge above. Shimmy to the right and find a Moon in a chest.

13. Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

From the Corner of the Freezing Sea, hit the scarecrow and cross the ice platforms below to reach your Moon.

14. Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

From the Odyssey, drop down to the scarecrow beneath the large arch. Climb the two poles and platform to reach the Moon.

15. Moon Shards in the Snow

From the Odyssey, drop down to collect the Shard near the rabbit. Second one is near a scarecrow. Third one is on an ice platform next to the bridge. Fourth one is is a pool on the other side of the Ice Well. Fifth one is near the Ice Well checkpoint, on a platform. Moon will appear near well.

16. Taking Notes: Snow Path Dash

On the far side of the open area (only accessible after completing the Shiverian bounce race), you'll find a familiar colourful clef. Touch it to reveal a line of musical notes leading up the snow. Collect them all to reveal another line, then another, before revealing a Moon at the bottom of the snow hill.

17. Fishing in the Glacier!

From the Odyssey, head to the bottom south-east corner of the map to find Lakitu fishing. Follow the usual process and catch a big shadow to reveal a Moon.

18. Ice-Dodging Goomba Stack

In the Icicle Cavern (bottom door on the right in Shiveria Town), stack the four Goombas in this opening area, run past the shadow by the platform to drop the icicle, the jump up to the button shaped like a Goomba. A Moon shall appear.

19. Captain Toad is Chilly!

From the Above the Ice Well, head due north and look for an alcove filled with snow at the top of the hill. Speak to Captain Toad inside to get a new Moon.

20. I'm Not Cold!

From Above the Ice Well, jump down the well and enter the Crazy Cap Store. Buy and change into the Boxer Shorts (1,000 gold coins) then speak to the Shiverian outside the shop to earn his respect, and a Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moons 21 to 30

21. Shopping in Shiveria

In Shiveria Town, just after dropping down the big hole, you can enter the Crazy Cap store to your right as you walk down the main hallway. Spend 100 gold coins in here to buy the Power Moon.

22. Walking on Ice!

From Corner of the Freezing Sea, enter the hat door and do the walking challenge (it's a triangle) to earn 80 points and a Moon. Don't rush, there's no timer and the cavern is covered in slippy ice.

23. Snowline Circuit Class S

From Above the Ice Well, drop down the well, drop down the next well, possess the Shiverian and enter the race. This one is tougher and you'll need to use your bounce speed boost (hit 'B' every time you hit the ground) to get first place.

24. Dashing Over Cold Water!

From the Above the Ice Well checkpoint, enter the hat door beneath the platform with the penguins. Inside, use the fire flowers to speed across the water. Keep hitting the flower with Cappy to maintain your speed and be careful of the two jumps.

25. Dashing Above and Beyond!

In the same challenge room that you collected Moon #25, speed past the Warp Pipe at the end, jump over the ledge and ride the vertical wall, dodging the platforms and grabbing the Moon at the top.


26. Jump 'n' Swim in the Freezing Water

From the Odyssey, find the scarecrow by the blue door on the other side of the archyway you start near. Enter the challenge room and swim and cllimb through this area to reach the Moon. Use the moving water sections to reach higher platforms and only stay in the water as long as you have to - too long and you'll lose health.

27. Freezing Water Near the Ceiling

In the same area that you collected Moon #26, use the final moving water platform and stand on the ledge at the top to ride up to two poles and a floating block of water with a Moon inside.

28. Blowing and Sliding

From Above the Ice Well, possess the nearby Ty-Foo and head to the platform beneath the Odyssey. Blow the block away to reveal a hat door. Inside, posses the Ty-Foo and follow our screenshots to solve the puzzle and collect the Moon.


29. Moon Shards in the Cold Room

From Above the Ice Well, jump down the well, enter the Crazy Cap shop and buy the Snow Hood and Snow Suit. Now climb the pole to your right just down the corridor and speak to the Shiverian by the locked door.

Inside, collect the Moon Shards in the 2D section, being careful not to slip when jumping. Use the red shell at the end to clear out the Spinies so you can collect the fourth Shard. Moon will appear in the middle of the room.

30. Slip Behind the Ice

In the same room that you collected Moon #29, find the hidden blocks by the fifth Moon Shard. Jump up, run to the left, press 'Y' to dash, run across the blocks and leap to reach the Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moons 31 to 37

31. Spinning Above the Clouds

From the Odyssey, head down the path, in between Ty-foo blasts and you'll find a mound of soil. Jump down the edge to your right and pull off the stopper at the bottom to reveal a gust of air. Run down the path you walked when you first entered this area, climb up the main platform and you'll find a frozen nut.

Break it free and carry it to the gust of air you freed earlier. Use it to rise up to the soil platform and throw the nut in. A giant beanstalk will grow in its place. Start climbing it to reach a special cloud stage...

The next area requires you to use jump pads and gusts of air to make it from one side of the course to the other. Some of these jump pads move, so use your shadow to gauge where you are. You're effectively floating down a 2.5D plane, so just focus on where you're landing. Use the gold rings to gauge where you should be. At the end, float down to grab the Moon.

32. High-Altitude Spinning

In the same area that you collected Moon #31, ride the fourth air vortex (the one that takes you up to the next section), now spin to the left and use the flower jump pad to reach the Moon.

33. Secret Path to Shiveria

The location of this portrait depends on which order you've visited the Snow Kingdom and the Seaside Kingdom during the story. If you visited the Snow Kingdom first, the portrait will be in the Mushroom Kingdom. If you visited it second, it'll be in Bowser's Kingdom.

Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

34. Found with Snow Kingdom Art

Drop down into Shiveria Town and turn left where you land. Check this art on the wall, travel to the Lost Kingdom and Ground Pound the tree root shown to reveal a Moon.

35. Snow Kingdom Regular Cup

To the northeast of Above the Ice Well checkpoint, speak to the Koopa and enter the race. To win, jump off, possess the Cheep Cheep, swim to the ramp. Run around, across the ice and remove the stopper to ride the air vortex to the high platform. Wait for the Ty-Foo to stop blowing and reach the finish to claim your Moon.

36. Hat-and-Seek in the Snow

To grab this Moon, travel to the Snowline Circuit and look for a Shiverian to the left of the room. His hat will have eyes. Speak to it to get a Moon in exchange for your silence.

37. Peach in the Snow Kingdom

Enter Shiveria Town and speak to Peach in the main room to acquire a post-game Moon.

Other Snow Kingdom Power Moons you can unlock

As well as the above Moons that appear when you clear a Kingdom for the first time, there is yet another set that you can collect later in the game. Be warned the following contains some light spoilers.

When exploring each Kingdom previously, you may have noticed a giant, grey block that seemingly has no purpose. It's this object you must find once you have completed the game that'll give you even more things to do.

The above video by Nintendo Life explains this in more detail, but in short - complete the game, find the block in any given Kingdom, and more Moons will be available for you to find.

We won't detail these extra Moons here, but the number of these extra challenges available in each Kingdom varies - just like the amount of Moons you could find to begin with. Good luck!

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