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Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons - where to find Seaside Kingdom Moons

Where to find the main set of Seaside Kingdom Power Moons.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moons are what you'll find on this page, where we detail each Seaside Kingdom Power Moon and its location in the region with accompanying screens for extra clarity.

This is where to find Seaside Kingdom Moons then, but for other regions you can cycle back to our Power Moon locations guide hub, or our main Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough hub for much more.

On this page:

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 1 to 10

There are 51 Power Moons to find until you reach the end-game, with one involving Peach and then some more.

1. The Stone Pillar Seal

Located on the pillar north of where you begin by the Odyssey. Use a Gushen to reach the top level and collect the Moon.

2. The Lighthouse Seal

Head through the underwater tunnel (entrance near the lighthouse), then use the Warp Pipe at the end to reach the top and the Moon that's waiting for you.

3. The Hot Spring Seal

Head to the island on the east-side of the map. Prior to completing the related story objective, this island will be partly covered in lava. Use a Gushen to remove the lava on the main level, revealing a secret pool with a Moon at the bottom.

4. The Seal Above the Canyon

To the south of the island, east of the Odyssey, look for a canyon with spiked, ball-like shells rolling into the sea. Ascend this canyon, dodging the shells. Destroy the wooden boxes at the end to claim the Moon on the ledge.

5. The Glass is Half Full! (3 Moons)

This Multi Moon is guarded by the squid monster that's been guzzling the Sparkle Water. Follow our Walkthrough to defeat him, then claim the Multi Moon when you're sent flying onto the giant gold goblet in the middle of the map.

6. On the Cliff Overlooking the Beach

From the Odyssey, possess a Gushen in the water and head for the elevated pool shown in the second screenshot. Now rise up and fire over to the next ledge up to find the Moon.

7. Ride the Jetstream

From the Beach House, grab a Gushen and head for the cave opening show in the second screenshot. Inside, use your jet to reach the Moon inside.

8. Ocean-Bottom Maze: Treasure

Just south of the lighthouse, head to the sea floor and look for four different Warp Pipes in a square. With the lighthouse to your left, enter the bottom left pipe, jump over the 2D Koopas and use the platform to reach the left-hand ledge. Jump up and reveal the hidden blocks that halt your progress. Leave by the Warp Pipe you originally used, then enter the top-right pipe, head to the left, drop down onto the blocks you revealed earlier, then head right to collect the Moon.

9. Ocean-Bottom Maze: Hidden Room

Of the four Warp Pipes near the lighthouse (with the lighthouse to your left), enter the bottom right Warp Pipe and use the Red Koopa Shell to destroy the breakable block at the bottom of the wall. Crouch and wall in this hole to reveal a hidden Moon!

10. Underwater Highway Tunnel

From the Ocean Trench West, turn right and swim around the bank towards an opening patrolled by three Cheep Cheep. Possess one and head inside. Ground Pound the easy to miss stone floor to reveal a tunnel and a Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 11 to 20

11. Shh! It's a Shortcut!

From Ocean Trench East, jump into a nearby Cheep Cheep and swim through the square opening directly opposite the checkpoint. Swim partway through to find a Moon on the seafloor.

12. Gap in the Ocean Trench

From Ocean Trench East, possess the nearby Cheep Cheep and swim down into the sunken recess to the right of the checkpoint. Look for a square hole in the cliff to your right. Swim in, then down to find the Moon.

13. Slip Through the Nesting Spot

From Hot Spring Island, jump into the water with the column that rises to the surface of the water. Possess the Cheep Cheep and swim down to the low opening on your right. Be careful a giant fish will try to eat you before disappearing back inside. Slip in that hole and to the right to find a hidden Moon.

14. Merci Dorrie!

This one is really easy to find. Simply find the purple Dorrie that roams this kingdom and collect the Moon stuck to its belly under the water.

15. Bonjour, Dorrie!

From the Lighthouse, wait for the yellow Dorrie to pass on its route and use the Glydon to reach the Moon floating above it.

16. Under a Dangerous Ceiling

From Ocean Trench East, swim to the cliff with the low ceiling patrolled by angry reeds. Ground Pound the nearest glowing spot on the floor and reveal a precariously placed Moon.

17. What the Waves Left Behind

From Rolling Canyon, head in the direction of Hot Springs Island. Look for a small pool patrolled by a reed. Ground Pound where it was stood to reveal a Moon.

18. The Back Canyon: Excavate!

From Rolling Canyon, run around the cliff to the left-hand side, following the edge until you find a beach with a spinning spike arm. Climb the platforms to the right and Ground Pound the glowing spot near the next spinning spike arm to reveal a Moon.

19. Bubblaine Northern Reaches

From Ocean Trench East, grab a Cheep Cheep and up onto the higher bank to your left. Look for three small rounds surrounding a larger one. Ground Pound the nearest, then the furthest, then the one to the right. Now Ground Pound the middle to reveal the Moon. Always jump right back into your Cheep Cheep and use its spin move to take out the reeds that swamp you.

20. Wriggling on the Sandy Bottom

From the Lighthouse, jump down northwards and look for the opening patrolled by two Cheep Cheeps. Enter the hat door and hit the wriggling lump on the floor with Cappy then do a Ground Pound to reveal your Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 21 to 30

21. Glass Palace Treasure Chest

From Glass Palace, jump into the water in a northwest direction, posses one of the patrolling Cheep Cheeps and swim into the reed filled chamber. To your left is an alcove with a chest and a Moon.

22. Treasure Trap Hidden in the Inlet

From the Beach House, head past the white deck chair and look for the small tunnel (or inlet) in the shallow water. Swim in and up to find four chests. Hit them in this order - back, left, right, front - to reveal the Moon.

23. Sea Gardening: Inlet Seed

There are four pots on the roof of the beach house. The first seed is at the mouth of the inlet, just past white deck chair. Plant it to in one of the pots and wait for it to grow. This Moon is best done in conjunction with Moons #24, #25 and #26 to burn time on each. Use a Gushen to speed up its growth.

24. Sea Gardening: Canyon Seed

From Rolling Canyon, travel to the rear of this area but heading around the left of the cliff and climbing the platforms filled with spinning spike arms and Goombas. At the top is a seed. Return to the beach house to plant it. This Moon is best done in conjunction with Moons #23, #25 and #26 to burn time on each. Use a Gushen to speed up its growth.

25. Sea Gardening: Hot Spring Seed

From Hot Spring Island, look for the seed in the lower platform with a Gushen patrolling near it. Return to the beach house to plant this seed in one of the pots on top. This Moon is best done in conjunction with Moons #23, #24 and #26 to burn time on each. Use a Gushen to speed up its growth.


26. Sea Gardening: Ocean Trench Seed

From Ocean Trench East, possess the Cheep Cheep nearby and swim down in the sunken recess. Collect the seed on the blue platform (as Mario) and swim back up and towards the beach house, where a fourth pot awaits. This Moon is best done in conjunction with Moons #23, #24 and #25 to burn time on each. Use a Gushen to speed up its growth.

27. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

From Hot Spring Island, head south and look for an opening in the seafloor with a red button at the bottom. This button reveals some platforms in the 2D section. Use them to reach the Moon in the corner.

28. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

From Glass Palace, go north, swim down and hit the Scarecrow. To get across use your fast swim to reach the Moon before it disappears.

29. Found on the Beach! Good Dog!

From the Odyssey, approach the dog to let it lead you to some hidden coins. Now run past the Odyssey to the line of jagged black rocks. The dog will follow, then lead you to a Moon.

30. Moon Shards in the Sea

From Rolling Canyon, head east and hit the scarecrow in the water. Swim down into the tunnel that's revealed. This canyon is filled with hidden monsters that leap out of the sand to attack. Watch out for rumbles in the sand. Grab all five Shards to release the Moon.

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 31 to 40

31. Taking Notes: Ocean Surface Dash

From the Beach House, line yourself up behind the speed flower and the clef. Throw Cappy, collect the line of notes and grab the Moon on the nearby platform.

32. Love by the Seaside

From Rolling Canyon, possess the five Goombas and carefully ascend halfway up the canyon with the rolling spike balls. Charm the lady Goomba to win a Moon.

33. Lighthouse Leaper

From Lighthouse, use the Glydon to glide down to the snail waiting outside the giant golden goblet. He'll reward you with a Moon.

34. Good Job, Captain Toad!

From Rolling Canyon, possess a Gushen and spray to the raised pool above the checkpoint. Spray up, then shoot up the canyon to the first pool. Repeat to reach the second one. No spray up as high as you can and head up the remaining part of the canyon. When you reach the end, use the ledge to go higher and head left. There's a ledge with Captain Toad, and a Moon, on it.

35. Ocean Quiz: Good!

From Ocean Trench East, head to the sunken area and speak to Sphynx. Answer his questions as follows: Four, Attack, Resort Outfit, To ask questions.

36. Shopping in Bubblaine

Look for the giant yellow monster with the hats on. Speak to the snail on its back to enter the shop, then pay 100 gold coins for the Moon.

37. Beach Volleyball: Champ

From Beach House, head onto the volleyball court to start a match. Return the Cheep ball 15 times to win a Moon. Use Cappy for the distant shots.

38. Beach Volleyball: Hero of the Beach

Reach 100 returns to earn this Moon. Things get very fast in this version, so remember you have a slight delay when the ball hits the sand to hit it before it counts as a miss. Keep your aim in point.

39. Looking Back in the Dark Waterway

From Ocean Trench West, jump into the big opening near the checkpoint and enter the waterway leading to the Lighthouse. Possess a Cheep Cheep, swim past the three patrolling Cheep Cheeps and look left to find a Moon in an alcove.

40. The Sphynx's Underwater Vault

Speak to the Sphynx, located near the Ocean Trench East checkpoint to answer his riddle and reveal a secret vault with a Moon inside a chest.

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 41 to 50

41. A Rumble in the Seaside Floor

From the Odyssey, head into the Warp Pipe behind the Odyssey and use the rumble in your Joy-Cons to find the Moon hiding in the floor.

42. A Relaxing Dance

From Ocean Trench East, buy the Resort Hat and Resort Outfit from the back of the purple Dorrie, then head to the Beach House to unlock the door and enter to perform a Moon summoning dance.

43. Wading in the Cloud Sea

From Beach House, use a Gushen to reach the Mini Rocket on a high cliff. In the next world, use Cappy and shockwave launchers to clear the cloud to to show you where to go next. Follow the general flow of the course, watching out for pitfalls hidden by the cloud. A Moon awaits at the end.

44. Sunken Treasure in the Cloud Sea

Halfway through the area where you collected Moon #43, look for a long block to your right leading to a square ring of green block. Inside, use Cappy to reveal the chest and the Moon within.

45. Fly Through the Narrow Valley

From the Beach House, use a Gushen to reach the cave entrance show in the second screenshot. Enter the hat door then possess the first Gushen. Spray up, past the Gushen and stop at the next pool. Then move on until you're at a pool overlooking a purple gloop section. Drop down low enough to make it through the gap then drop down into the pool below to grab a Moon.

46. Treasure Chest in the Narrow Valley

In the same area as Moon #46, drop down from the final pool before the purple gloop section. Drop down low enough to effectively skirt the ceiling of this section. Make a slight adjustment to avoid the final ledge then power across to reach the chest at the far end. A Moon within awaits.

Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

47. Hurry and Stretch

From Hot Spring Island, drop down into the water and find the hat door. Inside, use the Uproot to navigate the ledges with the spinning spike arms. The lava level is rising too, but you should have enough to plan out each stretch and jump. When you reach the end, a Moon is yours.

48. Stretch on the Side Path

Towards the end of the area where you collected Moon #47, look for a section where you have to navigate two thin platforms. Jump onto the right-hand one and stretch up to grab the Moon.

49. Secret Path to Bubblaine!

The location of this portrait depends on the order that you chose to visit the Seaside and Snow Kingdoms during the story. If you visited the Seaside Kingdom second, the portrait will be in Bowser's Kingdom. Warp to the Main Gate Entrance, and you'll find it around the corner. Warp through to collect your Moon.

50. Found with Seaside Kingdom Art

Look for the 'Keep' sign on a ledge near the Odyssey. Travel to the Metro Kingdom and Ground Pound above the first 'E' of the word printed on the road near the Main Street Entrance. A Moon will pop out.

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moons 51 to 52

51. Seaside Kingdom Regular Cup

To win this race, possess a Cheep Cheep in the first tunnel. Swim up to a Gushen. Race towards the Rolling Canyon. Use speed flowers to dodge the boulders and grab that first place Moon.

52. Peach in the Seaside Kingdom

You can find Peach after you've finished the main story. She'll be at the very top of the giant goblet. Use one of the four water springs to reach the top and grab the Moon she gives you.

Other Seaside Kingdom Power Moons you can unlock

As well as the above Moons that appear when you clear a Kingdom for the first time, there is yet another set that you can collect later in the game. Be warned the following contains some light spoilers.

When exploring each Kingdom previously, you may have noticed a giant, grey block that seemingly has no purpose. It's this object you must find once you have completed the game that'll give you even more things to do.

The above video by Nintendo Life explains this in more detail, but in short - complete the game, find the block in any given Kingdom, and more Moons will be available for you to find.

We won't detail these extra Moons here, but the number of these extra challenges available in each Kingdom varies - just like the amount of Moons you could find to begin with. Good luck!

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