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Super Mario Odyssey levels debut at Nintendo World Championships

No pressure.

Nintendo showed off three new Super Mario Odyssey levels over the weekend at its annual World Championships event.

The NWC 2017 finale saw title rivals John Numbers and Thomas G take on the trio of levels for the first time.

Apart from one brief glimpse during a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, these three levels have never been seen before - let alone made available for the two champion wannabes to practice.

And so both fans were thrown in blind: Thomas G prevailed on the first level, which mixes 2D and 3D Mario gameplay and timing needed to hit switches to line up platforms, but John Numbers mounted a valiant comeback on the second level, where Mario has to fling himself up a vertical wall using the powers of new headwear sidekick Cappy.

All of which left John Numbers and Thomas G level for the final Mario Odyssey level - a boss fight against a statue head with floating hands. By capturing a hand, you can then direct it back towards the boss' head and punch it in the face.

You can watch the three levels below:

Mario Odyssey is due to launch on Nintendo Switch at the end of the month. Our impressions so far have been pretty darn positive.

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