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Super Mario Odyssey - Tostarena: Atop the Highest Tower

How to complete the Sand Kingdom objective.

Tostarena: Atop the Highest Tower is an objective you'll encounter early on in Super Mario Odyssey, which follows on from Super Mario Odyssey - how to beat Mother Broodal and Fossil Falls continued.

You'll find our full walkthrough for it here, whilst you can head back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Tostarena - Atop the Highest Tower

You'll need sixteen Power Moons to reach the next kingdom. Start by heading away from the Odyssey and into the first town in the Sand Kingdom. Looks like this toasty desert is enduring a cold snap, so hit any small lumps of ice to collect gold coins.

You'll find three Purple Coins above a yellow umbrella (just outside the Crazy Cap shop), which will help you leap high enough to collect a further six atop the Crazy Cap shop. Jump down and cross the street to collect another three Purple Coins if you're in the mood.

Head away from the first town towards the large stone archway in the distance. When you climb the stairs and enter the Ruins, be sure to take out the small yellow Goombas in front of you (however, you can't possess this smaller ones, only destroy them). To proceed, climb the stairs and activate the checkpoint (Tostarena Ruins Entrance).

Climb the next flight of stairs, deal with the next group of small yellow Goombas, then swing a left. This will be the first time you encounter a Bullet Bill. These classic Mario foes are all over the kingdom, but there's no need to be too scared of them. The projectile enemies can be possessed with Capy and used to cross gaps too big to jump as Mario (or blow up large objects that Mario can't Ground Pound).

Start by throwing Capy at Bullet Bill that's hurtling towards you. You'll now possess him, but don't wait around too long - Bullet Bill's only last around 8-10 seconds before pulsing red and exploding.

Use the bullet to move through the gold rings (which release lots of gold coins, just like the ones you collected as a frog in the Capy Kingdom) and hurtle to the other side. Watch out for the Bullet Bill launcher to your left.

Beside the Bullet Bill launcher you'll find a flower bulb. Hit it with Capy to turn it into a jump pad, then leap (and float) up to reach the platform above. Run forwards to activate the checkpoint here (Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar) as it's easy to fall into the deadly sand below.

Move across the platform to your left and you'll see two gold rings and three muddy sand pillars that periodically rise and fall. Use them to cross to the other side (being sure to leap through the gold rings as you go).

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You'll now be faced with another 2D level. This one is really simple and requires you to leap over some Bullet Bill launchers. Collect the Purple Coins in the far-left corner, then jump up to the next level to reach the 3D section above it. When you reach the top you can either use the moving platforms to reach the bottom of the staircase, or possess a Bullet Bill and fly over.

Run up this staircase and head around the tower to find the Warp Pipe. This 2D level will follow the curve of the tower and can be a little tricky to begin with. Watch out as Bullet Bills will mostly launch in twos and threes, so time your jumps and crouches well.

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When you reach the far right-hand corner, you'll need to leap up and work your way across to the left. When you reach the top, run across the checkpoint (Tostarena Ruins Round Tower). You can now collect another Moon (Atop the Highest Tower).

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