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Super Mario Odyssey - Showdown at Bowser's Castle and how to beat the Mecha Broodal boss fight

How to complete the Bowser's Kingdom objective.

Showdown at Bowser's Castle and how to beat Mecha Broodal are objectives you'll encounter most of the way through Super Mario Odyssey, which follow on from Super Mario Odyssey - Big Broodal Battle.

You'll find our full walkthrough for them here, whilst you can head back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Showdown at Bowser's Castle

Run through the big gates to pass the Main Courtyard checkpoint. Possess a Pokio, turn right and follow the path around to to the wall.

Remember, Pokio's can't climb metal walls and will disappear in water, so avoid both.

Climb the white wall, then the second wall, jumping to the platform on your right to avoid the bombs. Now dodge the three layers of stepped bombs, before running over the Outer Wall checkpoint. There will be another block enemy here. Ground Pound his head or just run past him.

Poke and flick up the white wall, then take the left wheel, then the right one above it, before ascending to the next level and the Inner Wall checkpoint. Now climb the moving walls, using the white sections to reach the top level. Activate the Beneath the Keep checkpoint. Use the Spark pylon to reach Bowser. A cutscene ensues…

Mecha Broodal - how to beat the Mecha Broodal boss fight

The Broodals have gone full Power Rangers Megazord and teamed up to co-pilot a giant mechanical monstrosity. The boss will drop round bombs at you, and the occasional Pokio. Posses the Pokio and start poking bombs back at its legs. Three hits and its armoured legs will shatter.

When it falls, use the poke and flick method to climb onto the highest point and start poking the Fat Broodal in his glass chamber. When he pops, you'll be thrown back. The mecha boss will now try to stamp on you, much like the blocky foe from this kingdom. Keep evading, and get far enough away to knock the bombs that are dropped next back at him.

When it falls again, climb up with the usual method and poke Tall Broodal into oblivion. The boss will now start running at you with multicoloured legs. It'll rev up for a bit so make sure you're on either side of its legs when it gets going. It'll do this three times.

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It'll now slow down, start stamping and dropping spinning fuses. These can be knocked back, but won't damage the boss. Knock back some bombs to force it to one knee, then climb up, timing your pokes right to avoid the increased metal panels. Poke Mini Broodal until her pod shatters.

The next phase will just see the mecha boss dropping fuses and trying to stamp on you. Get a good distance, poke a few fuses if you need to then whack a few bombs back at the boss to knock it down. Climb its feet, and back to reach the Irish Broodal, poke him to bits and beat the boss altogether. A Multi Moon (Big Broodal Battle) is yours.

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