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Super Mario Odyssey - Big Broodal Battle boss fight

How to complete the Bowser's Kingdom objective.

Big Broodal Battle is an objective you'll encounter most of the way through Super Mario Odyssey, which follows on from Super Mario Odyssey - Infiltrate Bowser's Castle and Start Bombing.

You'll find our full walkthrough for it here, whilst you can head back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Big Broodal Battle boss fight

Go through the newly opened gates and take the Spark pylon over to the platform with the Souvenir Shop checkpoint.

Take the next Spark pylon to the Main Courtyard Entrance checkpoint. Run up the stairs and jump onto the left podium to fight the Mini Broodal.

Boss Battle: Mini Broodal

As with your previous encounter, Mini Broodal will throw two blue spiked bombs in two lots, then she'll throw two larger bombs on chains. You can either hit one of the smaller bombs at her, or hit the chained ones so they wind back and hit her.

Either way, just hitting her with Capy won't work. When she's down without a hat, jump on her head to cause damage. She'll now jump inside her hat and fly around, dropping bombs that leave pools of magma. These last into the first few seconds of the next phase, so tread carefully.

Repeat this process two more times, and she'll be beat. Onto boss number two…

Boss Battle: Irish Broodal

The Irish Broodal has received an upgrade since your first encounter. He'll start with three hats on his head. Periodically, he'll lie on the floor and use the height of his hats to create a painful red wheel. Knock them off to reduce its size. These hats will now start bouncing around the arena until you hit them again, destroying them.

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When the boss is hatless, jump on his head. He'll now send out a circle of hats. Again, dodge and hit them individually with Capy. The boss will now have seven hats on his head, so balance hitting the hats of his head (and disposing of them) with dodging the diameter of his red ground attack. When he's hatless, jump on his head again.

His retaliation attack will be even more hats released from the centre of the arena. When that bit is over with, he'll return with 10 hats on his head. Just keep hitting him and dodging. The range of his ground attack is so vast at this stage you have to get it down. Jump on his head one last time to banish him.

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Run over to the Moon platform to collect your Moon (Big Broodal Battle).

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