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Subs pricing revealed for Cities XL

Optional MMO side to cost EUR 7 a month.

French indie Monte Cristo has revealed the subscription rates for the optional massively multiplayer component of its forthcoming city-builder, Cities XL.

The "Planet Offer", as the developer has dubbed it, will cost EUR 7 a month. If you subscribe for three months, that price falls to EUR 5, or EUR 4.5 for a six-month commitment. At current exchange rates, those prices convert to GBP 6.15, GBP 4.40 and GBP 3.95 respectively.

Alternatively, you can forgo the subscription altogether and choose to play the game in solo mode, with almost all the content open to you, and the ability to trade with computer AI.

Upgrading to Planet Offer will open multiplayer gameplay both in-game and through a web interface. You'll participate in a global economy, trading resources with other players and co-operating to build Mega Structures.

You'll get five slots to build five different persistent cities on five different "planets", you'll be able to visit each other's cities and all future content and features updates will come free with Planet Offer.

"From day one we wanted to make sure that we were going to compete with the most ambitious builders out there in term of content and functionality," said studio director Patrick Marchal,. "We wanted the players to first enjoy Cities XLin solo mode, and then convince them to join the Planet Offer, which will open the gates to a more ambitious level of game experience."

Find out more about this game in our most recent Cities XL hands on. Cities XL is due for release this year on PC.

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