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Street Fighter 5's first DLC character, Alex, live in March

PS3 fight sticks confirmed to work with PS4 version.

Street Fighter 5 gets its first downloadable character in March.

Alex is lovely, really.

Alex, who starred in Street Fighter 3 and its variants, launches as a playable character alongside the Street Fighter 5 in-game store, Capcom said.

Street Fighter 5 launches next week with 16 playable characters. Six new characters are to be added throughout 2016 as DLC. They'll cost "Fight Money", Street Fighter 5's virtual currency, although we don't know how much yet.

Capcom representatives have said previously that the expectation is players will have gained enough Fight Money through the course of normal play to be able to download the first DLC character, which we now know is Alex, for free. As for subsequent DLC characters, we'll have to wait and see whether most will need to fork out real world cash in order to download them, or whether Fight Money will be doled out by the game generously enough for most to be able to grab them for free.

Meanwhile, Capcom confirmed PlayStation 3 fight sticks will work with the PS4 version of Street Fighter 5 (it's out on PC, too) - good news for those who already have a fight stick and don't want to fork out for a new one.

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