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Streamer who broke back at TwitchCon out of hospital following second surgery

Chechik responds to those asking why she jumped.

Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik, who broke her back in two places at TwichCon San Diego, is now out of hospital following a second round of surgery.

The incident occurred at a Gladiators-style foam pit stand sponsored by Lenovo, where Chechik jumped into the pit and was left severely injured. Several others were also injured.

Chechik has been sharing updates on her recovery on social media, confirming she had a second round of surgery on 14th October - almost a week after the incident.

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"So blessed to hv left the hospital! I am lucky we thought I might not be able to pee on my own with the nerve damage but baby has been doing it for a day now!! I'm so proud of my body and thankful for the love ur sending! It's helping so much!" she shared yesterday.

"I took a legit shower or close to one. I can't wash myself but I cried so badly bcus it felt so good! I never thought I would feel so blessed to have running water on my body."

Chechik also responded to those asking why she jumped into the pit.

"For the ppl asking why did u jump. Don't try and turn me into the bad guy. I am among all those who assumed it was met with proper safety precautions. It's like getting into a car assuming the air bag will work and it doesn't. I'm not at fault. None of the victims injured are," she said.

She also shared progress of her recovery on Instagram, writing: "Not being able to move or do anything for myself is so difficult. I'm so thankful to the nursing staff. I never thought I would ever be immobile. These next few days are going to be extremely hard. Yesterday I sat up and then spent the rest of my day in hysterics and pain. The realization of how much pain you have to push through set in. Please pray that I'll find strength to stand today. I'm gonna take it one day at a time and if I'm not rdy then I'm not rdy."

A spokesperson for Lenovo told Kotaku on 10th October it will "work with event organisers to look into the incidents".

Since then, neither Lenovo nor Twitch have responded publicly.

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