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Streamer breaks back in two places in foam pit stand at TwitchCon San Diego

Others sustain injuries.

A streamer broke her back in two places at a reportedly unsafe stand at TwitchCon San Diego.

The stand, a collaboration between Lenovo and Intel, consisted of a Gladiators-style battle over a foam pit.

However, several streamers were seriously injured at the stand, including Adriana Chechik who confirmed on Twitter she'll be having surgery to recover.

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"Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today. Send your support," the streamer and adult performer tweeted following the event.

A video of the incident has gone viral, shared by streamer Jake Lucky, which shows Chechik jumping off the platform into the foam pit.

"I can't get up," she says, followed by workers at the booth downplaying it saying "no no she's fine" and "she lives in the pit now". Beware the video below makes for uncomfortable viewing.

Several other streamers were also injured and hospitalised due to the stand, which attendees reportedly noted was simply not deep enough.

LockVaness dislocated a knee and sprained an ankle at the stand and has tweeted since to say "I will never be able to trust Twitch at another convention in my entire life".

Another streamer was seen receiving medical attention for an ankle injury.

Attendees said the pit remained open despite injuries, with Chechik questioning why it was open a second day. A spokesperson for Lenovo confirmed to Kotaku that the pit was later closed and that it will "work with event organisers to look into the incidents".

Eurogamer has contacted Twitch for comment.

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