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Steve Wiebe to play Donkey Kong at E3

Attempting to retake world record.

Steve Wiebe, one of the stars of The King of Kong film, will once again attempt to beat the Donkey Kong arcade machine high score at E3.

For those who haven't seen King of Kong, it charts Wiebe's attempts to record the best Donkey Kong score of all time and overtake the Twin Galaxies retro scene champion Billy Mitchell, who is portrayed as a bit of a cock.

Wiebe's latest attempt will take place on the first day of E3, 2nd June, and be broadcast live in the US on G4 TV according to 1UP.

Wiebe and Mitchell are the only two people to have reached the Donkey Kong "kill screen" in live play (thrice each), but since the film came out Wiebe has been unable to match Mitchell's record of 1,050,200 points - coming closest in a public attempt at the E for All Expo last October.

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