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SteamVR updates notes include literal bugs

"A variety of dead bugs."

Yesterday, Valve updated its SteamVR software, for use on VR headsets, and had some unusual content in the update notes.

In the full list, the usual gamut of notes that you'd expect like bug fixes and quality of life improvements are detailed.

But above all that, there's a literal bug fix. For all you insect lovers.

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Creeping into pole position in the update notes are two 3D models of actual dead bugs that were found outside of the developer's office. Mind-bugglingly, the developers working there decided to pick up these dead bugs, perform multiple CT scans of them, and then model them in 3D for viewing.

Bug 1 modelled by Valve
Specimen number one.

Valve elaborates on the technology used to create the models, an industrial "GE Phoenix V|tome|x S X-Ray Machine" and VGSTUDIO MAX, resulting in extremely high resolution bugs of about three centimetres length.

Bug 2 modelled by Valve
Specimen number two.

The models are very detailed, but also have me bugging out. I hate insects and I don't want to see their weird hairy legs. But I will admit it's very cool, and I'm morbidly curious about what species of insects these are.

If you use SteamVR, you can view the models from a new Home destination specifically added to house the creatures.

You can read more about the process of modelling the bugs and the full patch notes from Valve.

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