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Starhawk private beta begins in November

Warhawk players only.

The Starhawk private beta begins in November, developer Lightbox Interactive has announced.

Early access keys for the public beta, set to launch in early 2012, are included in Uncharted 3, out on 2nd November.

But for dedicated fans there is a way to play the PlayStation 3 exclusive next month.

Lightbox will send those who played Starhawk predecessor Warhawk (Europeans included) email invitations with private beta keys. Players will be allowed in in waves so the developer can manage the server load.

"The order in which players are granted access is a dark art known only to Sith-IT-Managers and Gywn, Lord of Cinder," wrote Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive, on the EU PlayStation Blog.

"But, suffice it to say it's a mix of your rank/level in Warhawk, your involvement in the Warhawk community, and a few other magical parameters. So keep checking your email like a Hawk!

"We're really looking for lots of feedback to help make sure Starhawk is as solid and tuned as possible. So we'll be actively requesting comments on tuning changes and other game updates that we'll be making to Starhawk throughout the Private Beta."

Lightbox will use the private beta to validate its SkillScore player ranking system, as well as weapon and Build & Battle game balance.

A special gift is planned for Warhawk players who take part in the Starhawk private beta. You'll get this when Starhawk is released.

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