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Stare at Norman Reedus' groin in Death Stranding and he'll punch you in the face

Solid response.

There's a new 30 minute Death Stranding gameplay video fresh from Tokyo Game Show - and this time it revolves around Norman Reedus' character, Sam, and his safe house..

The video, below, from the GamersPrey YouTube channel, begins with a blood transfusion, and Sam waking up in his room. He looks dirty from, presumably, an away mission. It doesn't look like you control Sam directly, here, rather some other entity that interacts with him. Sam can perform a variety of actions, such as clapping and raising his arms as you move the camera about. He'll tap his feet as if bored. He'll encourage you to move to certain areas by pointing.

As superstar video game developer Hideo Kojima narrates in Japanese, we see what happens if you repeatedly zoom in on Sam's groin. At first, he covers his privates with his hands. Zoom again and he pleads with you to move on. Keep doing it, and he'll eventually close his legs and - the final straw, it seems - punch the camera in the face.

What's all this about then? It appears to be a nod to Metal Gear Solid's creepy Easter egg that triggered if you stared at Meryl in first-person. In response she'd say, "What are you staring at?", then, if you kept staring, "Come on, Snake." Then, with a chuckle, "Don't stare at me like that." "What are you doing? We've got to get a move on." "What? What is it?" And so on.

Back to the Sam video, and he eventually stands up to check himself out in the mirror and wash his face. He then moves close to the mirror, blows a raspberry, and then the player takes a picture from behind the mirror.

Moving on, Sam takes some sort of sci-fi shower, and there's a nod to Norman Reedus' character in The Walking Dead. The room doubles as Sam's armoury and the place where he customises his backpack. He eats a grub of some kind, a grub that flies out of a jar.

The room is also where you customise Sam's outfit. He puts a hat on, changes its colour, then puts a pair of sunglasses on. Why not check your email? And have a beer? FINGER GUNS! Things sort of go off the deep end from here, and there's what looks like a vision of having a drink with Mads Mikkelshon's character. I'm sure it will all make sense when you're playing the game.

Death Stranding comes out soon, and Kojima has shown off plenty of the game in recent weeks, so we have a decent idea of what it's all about. The video below contains nearly 50 minutes of gameplay fresh from Tokyo Game Show.

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