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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void release date announced

A snazzy new cinematic trailer accompanies the reveal.

Legacy of the Void, the final instalment in the StarCraft 2 trilogy, will be released on 10th November.

The news was revealed during the StarCraft 2 World Championships Series Season 3 Finals, held in Krakow, Poland yesterday evening. Blizzard also lifted the lid on one of its fancy cinematic trailers too, which you can view below.

Legacy of the Void follows on from the vanilla and Heart of the Swarm instalments of StarCraft 2's story, and this time around focuses on the exploits and destiny of the Protoss race.

As well as providing a new storyline and new units to mess around with in multiplayer, the final expansion also introduces Archon Mode, which allows a pair of players to share ownership of a single base while doing battle against their opposite numbers.

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