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Star Wars Battlefront 2's new cosmetic microtransactions go live

We could almost buy our own ship for that!

In-game microtransactions have returned to Star Wars Battlefront 2 - although this time they're limited to cosmetic unlocks. As detailed last week, the in-game purchases come as part of the game's new Night on Endor update, which lets you play as (and kill off) Ewoks.

Cosmetic options available today include fairly cheap options for alien soldiers (different races, female character options) and more expensive alternative looks to customise fan-favourite hero characters (such as The Last Jedi looks for Rey and Kylo Ren).

There's no option for a pink Darth Vader.

You'll have to hunt to find the new cosmetic unlocks - they're now tucked away in your character customisation screen, and conspicuously absent from any of the main menus where once they resided.

Each option can be bought using the paid-for premium Crystal currency or in-game credits, which you can grind for free. If you want to play (roughly) 100 matches you'll be able to afford Kylo Ren with a scar without coughing up a penny, then - or you can pay about £8. If it costs £8 for a scar, imagine how much it would cost to unlock Kylo Ren topless?

Crystals can once again be bought in lumps of varying sizes. 500 Crystals will cost you £3.99, or you can get 1100 for £7.99, 2100 for £15.99, or 4400 for £31.99 if you are feeling particularly generous towards EA. Probably not, though.

Battlefront 2's infamous launch last November amidst a storm of controversy was one of the biggest gaming stories of last year. The backlash from fans against the game's loot box fuelled progression system has made waves through the industry, and humbled EA.

EA pulled loot boxes from the game before launch, but then needed months more time to redesign Battlefront 2's progression system and remove loot crates from the game's integral systems. Has EA now done enough to turn the game's fortunes around?

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