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Stalker 2 out April 2022 on Xbox Series X and S and PC

First gameplay trailer revealed.

Stalker 2 comes out 28th April 2022 on Xbox Series X and S and PC, Microsoft has announced.

The new trailer, below, shows the first-person game's impressive visuals, creepy monsters and tense gameplay.

Stalker 2 is not coming to Xbox One. The game launches into Xbox Game Pass.

Stalker 2 is also described as "coming first" to Xbox, which suggests it'll come out on PlayStation 5 at some point after.

An internal Microsoft document dated August 2020 and released in May mentioned Stalker 2 as a "three month console exclusive", which suggests the game will hit PS5 in July 2022. But it's worth noting this document is outdated - it listed Stalker 2 as coming out Q4 2021, which is obviously not happening.

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Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Xbox Series X/S, PC

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