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Square Enix's J-RPG follow-up Bravely Default 2 now has a demo on Switch

Full game set to release later this year.

Ahead of Bravely Default 2's full release later this year, Switch owners can now get a taste of Square Enix's highly-anticipated J-RPG sequel via a new demo on Nintendo's eShop.

Bravely Default 2 was finally unveiled during last year's Game Awards after some concerted teasing, and is the follow-up to 3DS titles Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer, charting the adventures of a new band of heroes in a new world.

Today's surprise Nintendo Direct shed a little more light on what those adventures might entail, with proceedings unfolding on the continent of Excillant, divided into five mighty kingdoms. According to Square, the story begins when Seth, a young sailor, washes onto the shores of one of these regions, eventually joining forces with Gloria, a princess forced to flee her own kingdom, travelling scholar Elvis, and the mercenary Adelle.

There's the usual narrative-driven exploration to be done (and the world looks absolutely lovely, based on the footage shown during Nintendo's Direct) and the series' familiar Brave/Default combat mechanic returns, enabling fighters to either immediately attack during battle or bank moves for a more powerful assault at a later point.

Square has also talked a little about special stones known as Asterisks, which can be recovered from enemies known as Asterisk Holders. Each stone is associated with a specific job, such as thief or black mage, which players can take on once the stone is theirs, evening combining jobs to expand their strategic options.

Those wishing to get a taste of the action of ahead of Bravely Default 2's full release later this year, can download and play the Switch eShop demo right now. In much the same way it approached the release of Octopath Traveller on Nintendo's console (also by the Bravely Default team), Square says it will gathering player feedback through a survey in the near future, incorporating suggestions as it finalises the game.

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