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Square Enix trumpets 6m Final Fantasy 15 copies shipped and downloaded

Noct bad?

Final Fantasy 15 has now shipped and digitally sold 6m copies, publisher Square Enix announced today. It sounds like a lot - but how well is it doing?

That total refers to sold digital copies but only shipped physical editions - meaning those which have been produced and sold to retailers, but not necessarily sold to the public.

Japanese sales are currently down around 1m copies when compared to Final Fantasy 13 - although some of this can be blamed on the country's shrinking home console market.

Square Enix has, however, managed to shore up the game's Asian sales total by selling 15 in China - where 13 was not released.

Western sales of 15 are better, and Square Enix is pushing the game's upcoming roster of free and paid-for DLC hard to ensure it remains in the public eye and in your console disc tray.

Final Fantasy 15's free holiday pack is available to download now, for example, and contains some extra gear. There's also a paid-for version, the Holiday Pack+, with even more gear and a full festival outfit.

Download either and you'll get the "Moogle Chocobo Carnival" to visit your game, starting on Tuesday, 24th January for a limited time.

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