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Square Enix is making the world's first Apple Watch-exclusive RPG


Square Enix is making the world's first Apple Watch-exclusive role-playing game.

It's called Cosmos Rings, and it's due out worldwide this summer. The official website is up and running.

According to a report by Siliconera, Cosmos Rings sends you messages according to your daily step counts.

Takehiro Ando, who created Square Enix's mobile series Chaos Rings, is the producer. Yusuke Naora, who worked as an art director on Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10 and 15, is also on board.

There's a story, and it takes place in the world of the Interval of Time, which seems appropriate for a game played on an overpriced watch. Here, "emotions of mankind swirl". They sure do.

Here's the nonsensical official blurb:

"The time that has stopped has once again continued to move, and in order to bring back the Goddess of Time, you need to face the many human emotions from the Interval of Time. Exactly what awaits remains unknown..."

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