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Spore action RPG due at Comic-Con

Maxis heading to San Diego next week.

Maxis plans to discuss a new action role-playing game based on the Spore series at Comic-Con next week.

That's according to the event's sessions programme, which after blowing the lid on the game itself is then coy about details.

"Video Game Reveal: Maxis Studio - Maxis Studio (The Sims and Spore video games) has just announced their next project, a brand new, Sci-Fi Action-RPG based on the DNA of Spore," it says.

"Join key leads from the dev team, Thomas Vu, Paul Sottosanti and Lauren McHugh, for the first game reveal to the public!"

The trio's session takes place on the evening of 24th July.

Earlier this year Maxis owner Electronic Arts told investors that a new game in the series, listed as "Spore Title TBA", would be released before 31st March 2011.

Later on the publisher was spotted registering the URL darkspore.com.

Spore was released for PC in 2008 and picked up strong marks on Eurogamer, and has since spawned various spin-offs, including Spore Hero for Wii and Spore Hero Arena and Spore Creatures on DS.

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