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Splatoon's classic Blackbelly Skatepark map comes to Splatoon 2 this weekend

Undulate to the party.

Splatoon's classic Blackbelly Skatepark map is heading to Splatoon 2 this Saturday, October 28th, Nintendo has revealed.

Blackbelly Skatepark was one of five maps included in Splatoon's initial, and somewhat scant, launch line-up when it debuted on Wii U back in 2015. Many players (such as Eurogamer's Martin Robinson, and, er, myself) argue that it's also still one of the best.

Blackbelly Skatepark is the third classic stage to come to Splatoon 2 post-release, following the arrival of Urchin Underpass this August and Kelp Dome last month. Two other classic maps - Port Mackerel and Moray Towers - were included as part of the launch roster.

Blackbelly Skatepark in its full 2015 glory (top), and its Splatoon 2 variant (below).

Side-by-side comparisons of the original Blackbelly Skatepark and its update confirm that a few minor nips and tucks have been made to the layout - as has been the case with most returning stages. As far as I can tell with my eyes, these changes mostly seem limited to the map's spawn areas, which have been significantly widened. So there'll be no more wiggling along that funny little ledge at the start of each game.

Walleye Warehouse, Arowana Mall, and (my personal favourite) Saltspray Rig are yet to get the Splatoon 2 treatment from the original line-up. Come on Nintendo, you know you want to.

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