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Spinout in March

With "Xorbing" PSP action.

In the future we won't race in cars, we'll race in Xorbs, spherical vehicles that go proper fast, like. Ghostlight knows these truths, which is why its futuristic PSP racer Spinout is hurtling toward a 30th March release date, with no brakes!

Developed by Icon Games, it's sort of a cross between Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball, stretched over 50 tricky futuristic tracks, with power-ups and upgradeable "spheroids": more than two million possible bodywork combinations and performance enhancements, apparently.

You can win medals in Career mode as you progress through four different race classes, or face-up against friends using wi-fi; arming yourself to the teeth before battling to become the fastest and most deadly "Xborber" in the galaxy, or erm, out of your friends.

"Spinout is a unique title custom designed for handheld gaming with puzzle/platform elements keeping players gasping for more," said Sam Collins, sales manager at Ghostlight.

"Spinout has received rave reviews from specialist game press, liking it to the spills and thrills of Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball' ... Spinout boasts fantastic game play and is clearly a must have title for 2007," he added, in between gulps of Koolaid.

The game was originally expected in 2005 for PS2 and PSP, as Tom will tell you.

Spiral over to Spinout's gamepage for more information.

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