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Speedrun Pokémon Scarlet and Violet with a second Joy-Con


If you're looking to speedrun Pokémon Scarlet or Violet, here's a cheeky strategy for you.

It turns out if you connect two sets of Joy-Con to your Switch, your character will run at double speed when using both left sticks.

The strategy was shared over on reddit with a video of the results.

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I tested this out myself with some difficulty (I'd totally forgotten there was a sync button on the Joy-Con?!), but eventually got it working.

The double speed only seems to work when running at an angle - straight ahead won't cut it - so it's not the most convenient way to get through the game, zig-zagging across Paldea.

It also doesn't seem to work with your ride-on Pokémon - only by running around by foot.

And if you thought the game struggled with pop-in at normal speeds... well double speed isn't pretty.

The pair of new Pokémon games have been heavily criticised online for their performance, with players sharing glitches all across social media.

But this particular glitch may, in the left hands, prove to be super effective.

If you're looking for a more legitimate way to speed through the game, then check out our guide on the best route through the game.

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