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Sony's Ray Maguire

"3D is an early adopter market."

Eurogamer PlayStation Move is just around the corner. Microsoft said Kinect will extend the life of the Xbox 360 by five years, and it's akin to a new console launch. Do you see PS Move in similar terms? Will it extend the life of the PS3 in this new era of ten year life cycles?
Ray Maguire

That question almost sounds like there's a life cycle timing which is defined. The answer to that is, we've never had that attitude with PlayStation. We continue to evolve it from day one.

We haven't got to a situation where we go, right, we've done as much as we can now, what else can we think of?

Move is a natural extension in the same was as we brought EyeToy to PS2, and finding another way of interacting with the consumer in a way that takes away some of the fiddly buttons and starts to bring in a different audience.

Exactly as with EyeToy in the PS2 days, it's a product that needs to be sampled. You need to get your hands on it. You need to understand it. You need to try it.

Am I expecting a massive day one? Not particularly. We didn't with EyeToy, either. It went on to be massively successful. As people saw the value when they tried it they told their friends. Their friends bought it. They told their friends. Word of mouth grew the marketplace. That's what I expect from Move as well.

When we see people sampling it the outcome is everyone's delighted by the experience. That's the most important thing. The creativity in terms of the games being created for it, already show a marked difference from the genres we had in the EyeToy space.

It's not only about the keepy-uppy and the wishy-washy. We're starting to think about Move and how you use that in games like LBP or Killzone, some major games. With that attitude it starts becoming less of a novelty and more of just another way of enjoying the games we all know and love.

Eurogamer You say you've never defined the PS3's life cycle. When it was first launched the impression was that it was future proof. How many years does it have in it? Can it go on indefinitely because you're able to iterate through the internet?
Ray Maguire

It's purely dependant on the content that's produced. It's not about the machine itself. It's about the content and the experience.

When you start adding in different interfaces like Move, different experiences like 3D, then it opens up another rich palette for our creative geniuses to work out brand new games and experiences for the consumer.

For as long as they can excite the consumer, the product will remain there. As soon as we stop doing that, the product will die.

With the PS3 right now, the audio is exceptional. The picture quality is awesome. Could it get better? Yeah, it probably could. But at what cost and what kind of development cost and what cost to the consumer? And would that step be the right step to make?

Well, I guess the tech guys will say, of course. But the issue at the moment is we've got a machine that can deliver ground breaking product. So we'll just keep focusing on PS3 right now.

Eurogamer Value is very important. Both yourselves and Microsoft have announced new hardware bundles with Move and Kinect. If someone walks into a game shop this Christmas and wants to pick up a new motion sensing console bundle, what will make them decide to go with the PS3 Move bundle instead of the 360 Kinect bundle?
Ray Maguire

It'll be the content, and it'll be the word of mouth from their friends. It'll be about the experience their friends have had on the products. As always they'll make that decision by looking at the facts, consulting with their friends, and make a decision based on both those elements.

Eurogamer Were you surprised by Microsoft's announcement that Kinect will cost £130?
Ray Maguire

I think they ceded the idea that it was going to be that kind of price a long time ago.

Eurogamer What changes can PS3 owners expect to the front end of the console, the cross media bar and that kind of thing?
Ray Maguire

It's always being looked at. PlayStation fundamentally is a product that will grow. It will evolve over time. It will change through firmware because that was part of the DNA we put into the PlayStation in the first place.

What you see now is right for now. We're developing it and it will continue to develop. That's what the R&D departments do.

Eurogamer Is there an official line on the PS3 Jailbreak issue? Will you tackle it with a firmware update?
Ray Maguire

We haven't seen it so we can't make a comment. I haven't come across it yet. I haven't got one in my hands, in other words.

Ray Maguire is senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

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