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Sony should sue Microsoft - Jaffe

Scrap Metal title too close to his Twisted.

God of War creator and industry loudmouth David Jaffe has suggested on his blog that Sony should "send a sternly worded legal letter" to Microsoft over its vehicle combat game Scrap Metal.

"Sony should [sue]. Or if I owned the rights to TWISTED METAL and GOD OF WAR, I sure as hell would at the least send a sternly worded legal letter," Jaffe said.

The title of next week's Xbox Live Arcade release, Jaffe thinks, is too close the Twisted Metal vehicle combat series he created for the platform-holder back in the day.

"I mean, first Microsoft puts out a car combat game and calls it SCRAP METAL? Hey, looks like a great game! Right up my alley! Day one purchase for me," Jaffe said.

"But come on guys, isn't that just a little too close to Sony's own car combat game TWISTED METAL?"

He also thinks Sony should get litigious about the title of upcoming film War of the Gods, about mortals fighting Greek gods, considering its similarities to his game about a mortal fighting Greek gods, God of War.

"And look: Sony doesn't- and should not- own the concept of the Greek Myths. Nor should they own the idea of mortal fighting ancient Gods, Greek or any other kind. That's all public domain stuff. But the TITLE? Sony DOES own that," Jaffe said.

"Anyway, like I said, not my fight. I don't own s**t!"

Jaffe, who you would think would be used to stirring up trouble on the internet by now, later updated with his post to a lengthy riposte to critics, saying it had been "light-hearted".

"I never said I was going to sue anyone. I was bringing it up as something that interests me and something I thought would be worth sharing with people who come to this blog to hear about - mainly - my game-making life. And I was doing so in a light-hearted manner," he said.

"FOR THE LOVE OF F**K," he added. "F**king sue me."

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